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About Us

It all started with a passion and a dream!

When the Malik family discovered Shangri-La in Yunnan Province for the first time, Sahra, Alia and Safi were astonished by the beautiful scenery, pristine air and bountiful valleys with surrounding snow-capped mountains. Shangri-La, which means heavenly place, is truly that; it boasts a landscape with wildflowers in bloom, bees and butterflies and crystal blue skies with pure white clouds.

They happened upon wonderfully delicious honeys, carefully grown and roasted coffee and pure, natural, raw ingredients. They also witnessed great care and dedication by local farmers to create organic, high quality products.

The people they met were honest, simple and modest and they were welcomed by locals with warm smiles. However, with a median income in Yunnan of only 300 USD per year, the people often struggle to support their families. This touched the hearts of the Malik family the most and fueled the source of their passion.

They decided to set up a company to improve the quality of life for farmers in ShangriLa. The company gives farmers a helping hand by making connections with national and global markets to sell their natural products. The Malik family also decided to give back to the community through the Yunnan Mountain Heritage Center, which does many projects in the local town of Shangri-la.

Shangrila Farms wants to bring the concept of organic and healthy living to people in China. This is the dream that started our company.