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Shangrila Ground 227g
Code: C-YBSB-T 227
Weight: 227g

Shangrila beans are exceptional Yunnan beans, meeting experts’ high standards of excellence in flavor and aroma. Shangrila coffee has a crisp berry note with honey richness and makes a fine cup of coffee for any occasion.
Shangrila Farms fine Arabica coffee beans come from the pristine mountains of Southern Yunnan.   They are grown by local coffee farmers in remote areas at 800 to 1200 meters above sea level. Our farmers use green growing practices and avoid the use of chemicals or pesticides.   We use only the highest quality beans from the harvest.
Shangrila Farms follows fair trade buying practices in support of sustainable livelihoods. Our coffee is also a socially responsible purchase because Shangrila Farms supports development projects that benefit farmers in our coffee farm. This allows our customers to not only buy delicious, natural coffee, but also support the sustainable development of local communities.