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BeeKeeping Project

Shangrila Farms has been involved in organic beekeeping training projects in China since 2008.

Our beekeeping training projects provide free technical support, tools and training opportunities to farmers as a means to income generation.

We work with both large scale & small scale producers and give subsidized hives and training to encourage local beekeeping in village communities. This results in increased income for farmers and locally-based income opportunities. Our trainers also conduct selective breeding programs, which will naturally improve the health of queen bees and the rest of the colony, while resulting in 15- 30% more honey per hive for producers.

Past Projects

Our first training project was in Hamagu Village near Shangri-La in 2008. We focused the project on 5 farming families and provided 20 free hives to the village to learn how to keep bees with modern methods. We also sponsored sessions for the villagers with international beekeeping experts.

Since spring 2010, Shangrila Farms technical experts have spent time in Gehuaqing village in Weixi County. Our training provides local leaders with the tools to then provide training to others in their communities.  They can now recognize issues such as pesticide-poisoning in advance and help others identify these problems.

From spring 2011, we have trained locals and visiting students in Shangri-La Old Town. Some of our trainees have become beekeeping mentors for other projects inspired by ours. As Shangri-La is very cold in the winter, we have found a viable method for maintaining colonies at high altitude throughout the coldest months.

In 2013, we started training in the remote village of Dong Wang.  We focus this project on switching from log hives to modern bee boxes, which can harvest 100% more honey.

We are also providing advanced training to migratory beekeepers about honey bee health, pest management, breeding for resistance, and dealing with local environmental issues.

All of these projects are ongoing and we continue to train past participants and scale projects to expand to new villages.

One Hive Makes a Difference:

• One hive can generate US$ 30-60 per year.

• In areas where we work, cash income for farmers is US$ 330 per year on average, so bee keeping can greatly impact livelihoods.

• Experienced Chinese farmers using modern methods can keep up to 100 hives and with training harvest 100% more honey per hive than through traditional beekeeping.

• Farmers can eventually collect other high value by products such as Propolis, Royal Jelly, Beeswax, and Bee Pollen.