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How to Work with Shangrila Farms

Interested in buying Wholesale?

We offer wholesale pricing to bulk buyers! We really appreciate how much people like to keep our products stocked at home or in the office. Here is a great opportunity to buy a bunch and get a good price.

This is available for a minimum purchase of 25 items (per product type/per time).

If you are interested please contact our sales department at

Interested in being a Shangrila Farms Distributor?

Ensuring that our farmers’ goods reach the most places possible means that we need your help distributing. We work with distributors representing regions and provinces in China and the overseas market. If you are interested in becoming our distributor for one of our markets please let us know.

This will be for buyers who buy a minimum of 100 items (per product type/per time).

Please contact our sales department for pricing details at

Corporate Gifts

We provide a range of cooperate gifts for all occasions! We really appreciate people giving the gift of Shangrila Farms in the home, office or to friends. Varying discounts are available for bulk purchases.

Varying discounts are available for bulk purchases. Please email
to find out more about our gift options.