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Coffee Project

Drip-Irrigation Project

Since 2010, Yunnan has experienced the effects of climate change by way of severe droughts. Many farms in Yunnan have been affected by variations in rainfall, which has resulted in loss of crops and lower quality produce.

In 2015, Shangrila Farms worked with multiple stakeholders such as development finance institutions, water irrigation experts, foundations, agricultural economists and the local government to design a drip irrigation system based on water saving irrigation techniques. The drip irrigation project covered a 10 acres plot, directly affecting 60 farming families. The immediate result was an 20% increase in production.

In its second stage, we plan to expand to 110 acres, affecting 600-700 farming families. This extension will lead to an added income of CNY 746,000 going directly back to the farmers.

Drip Irrigation Impact:

• An additional 20-30% income increase per farming family involved.

• If coffee plants die, they take 3-5 years to grow a new crop. Drip irrigation prevents plants from dying.

• Through years of drought, drip irrigation ensures continued production.